Cutting through thin air

Tricking is an alternate side of Parkour . It is  a mixture of spinning,kicking,twisting, and last but not least flipping. Tricking is the beauty style of Parkour  and has it’s own needed content. Unlike free-running  tricking uses martial arts,break-dancing,acrobatics,and more ground work in a set spot instead of trying to get from point A to point B. As a  person myself I enjoy watching Trickers and their potential to perform anything out of the blue. Its like Christmas or a birthday party because you never know what your going to get next. My favorite move in particularly is the corkscrew and a close second to the back full which are pretty amazing moves. The corkscrew is a hard kick to the opposite side of the foot kicking and while in the air laying down and spinning 360 degrees. As for the Back full it is a back layout/tuck 360 degree rotation in the air and landing facing the same way you started.Many of these things seems difficult but its all in our heads.The fear,anxiety,getting injured;why should we worry? why not just give it our all and harvest the fruit on the top of the tree?

B twist