It may sound strange but Phobophobia is real and it occurs in a group f people. It may not be as intense as the actual disease of the mind but it can prove a hindrance. People who are afraid to do something because they are afraid of being afraid. Mouth full of words right?  Unfortunately this kind of stuff occurs when people who usually learn some thing new. Let’s say a front tuck. They are afraid that if they get afraid they will fall and end up hurting themselves more or less. This stops many free runners and trickers from doing what they need to and progressing through the ranks. This also is one of the downfalls of the mind that gets people hurt if they try to act like it does not exist. Next time you feel this way clench any muscle, gather your mind and think of the power you have. That humans are unlimited to many things and psychologically it can prove to be the advantage. It worked for me when I felt heavy and it made me feel light again. I thought to myself, everything is technique so don’t fall prey to the feeling or thought. Just Do It.