Precaution yourselves for the danger that may come near. For all of you extreme free runners out there be careful when jumping of roofs. They tend to kill people with any tiny mistake. The most professional and greatest free runner can take their invincibility and trade it in for a slow painful death. There have been many deaths counting as suicides because of it.”Jumping is the most common method of committing suicide, accounting for 52.1%” (Google). There have been death due to missing the railing or ledge and the balance throws the runner off. Here is a public video of a free runner who missed the landing (precision) and has fallen about three stories back first. He had internal bleeding, about five ribs broken and his organs pierces by the ribs, shortly after the ambulance arrived he died. I spoke with one of the friends of this man and he told me “He was always excited, ready to try new things. He is a great person and free runner” (Crash)
Here is a video url on youtube I hope you will learn the danger as well.