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Roll before you Drop!

The most basic and important thing to learn is the roll. To further yourself from harm while doing parkour it requires a strong hold on yourself and training. Before you can jump off roofs,¬† small inclines and do crazy stunts you MUST learn the roll. It may take many tries but you must practice. Sadly if you do not work hard enough to perfect it, it can kill you. Imagine falling a three stories and not doing a roll, all that your left with is your body broken, crushed and possibly in pieces. There are some other issues that come along with that risk. Families, Friends and people in your life may care about your well being, if there is a stunt that you think you can’t handle then please don’t try because you need to do it. Be smart take it step by step and Learn your rolls.


The Art of Perseverance

Without drive there is no ability, potential, or movement. It takes hard work to build your body to withstand the hard  30 ft falls. I can relate because I have not been doing any real training in a while. Soon I will start practicing right after I finish my college work for this semester. I know many people that do jams in New York and I believe each and everyone of them are working out as much as they can as the cold weather comes by. It may be a little too cold to be doing tricks and dashing from point A to point B but everyone emerges as a new person. This winter everyone will be in a cacoon like state waiting for the spring. Like Ninjas.

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