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Precaution yourselves for the danger that may come near. For all of you extreme free runners out there be careful when jumping of roofs. They tend to kill people with any tiny mistake. The most professional and greatest free runner can take their invincibility and trade it in for a slow painful death. There have been many deaths counting as suicides because of it.”Jumping is the most common method of committing suicide, accounting for 52.1%” (Google). There have been death due to missing the railing or ledge and the balance throws the runner off. Here is a public video of a free runner who missed the landing (precision) and has fallen about three stories back first. He had internal bleeding, about five ribs broken and his organs pierces by the ribs, shortly after the ambulance arrived he died. I spoke with one of the friends of this man and he told me “He was always excited, ready to try new things. He is a great person and free runner” (Crash)
Here is a video url on youtube I hope you will learn the danger as well.


Fear of Fearing (Phobophobia)

It may sound strange but Phobophobia is real and it occurs in a group f people. It may not be as intense as the actual disease of the mind but it can prove a hindrance. People who are afraid to do something because they are afraid of being afraid. Mouth full of words right?  Unfortunately this kind of stuff occurs when people who usually learn some thing new. Let’s say a front tuck. They are afraid that if they get afraid they will fall and end up hurting themselves more or less. This stops many free runners and trickers from doing what they need to and progressing through the ranks. This also is one of the downfalls of the mind that gets people hurt if they try to act like it does not exist. Next time you feel this way clench any muscle, gather your mind and think of the power you have. That humans are unlimited to many things and psychologically it can prove to be the advantage. It worked for me when I felt heavy and it made me feel light again. I thought to myself, everything is technique so don’t fall prey to the feeling or thought. Just Do It.

Damien Walters is one of the best athletes I have ever seen. He pulls off some amazing stunts and for some reason blocks the idea of fear. He tries new tricks and things here in there specializing in Parkour, Gymnastics, and Tricking. I have come across some of his videos on his youtube channel. He has fallen off a roof about 5 stories and safely gotten back up, he has done MMA training, back tucked off of walls, does double back tucks without trying, front tucks over moving cars, and has the precision of body control to a point where anything is possible. He might be one of my favorite athletes but a close second is his prodigy Greg Townley. A young teenager rising through the ranks and becoming one of the best. If the future of gymnastics has a face it might be Greg for sure. Here are some videos of Damien’s slideshow reel of 2007 and Greg’s video.
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Insanity Airbourne

Nick Bishop-roof hopping

Some people may seem as if they’re limited in life but quite the contrary .We are able to fly,endure, and soar the way man was/is able to.Here are some mind boggling pictures that will show how much the human body can endure.Keep in mind most of these people walked off perfectly fine. Even though this is a bit to much for me to handle  just look at people fall off a building to land perfectly safe makes me want to do it.It beats that old saying “If everyone is jumping off a building, would you do it to?” We all know the answer to that one.

However this is no easy task. It takes perseverance,dedication,spirit, and a lot of technique as well as practice. If you want to try these insane leaps of fate I suggest that you try your parkour rolls and jump off of small things to insure that you remain safe. If you really want to get in the form you should visit local parkour/gymnastic gyms in you area. One good gym in particular is Five Star Gymnastics its cheap and the people there are cool and collected, but that’s for another post.

Stuck in Limbo

Will he make it?

The great leap

Leap of Fate


Le Parkour

Hello my name is Artie J Sanchez also known as “Venom” in parkour because of my flexibility,power and insane mind. Don’t worry the name sounds way better than I am.I will be bringing you a couple of gyms to train in, some parks that are good for practice and maybe some pictures and videos of the recent events as well as insane videos.Hopefully you’ll stay in tune as I search for some quality worth watching videos and tips.

Double wall flip